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Hear The Notorious B.I.G. Over Some Of Today's Most Popular Songs

On the 19th anniversary of the rap legend's death

One of the many great tragedies surrounding the death of The Notorious B.I.G. on March 9, 1997, is that we never found out how Big would evolve with the sound of rap, nor how it would have been steered and shaped by him for years to come.

Today, on the 19th anniversary of the rap legend's death, some musical reimaginings, merging '90s Biggie and 2016 rap, have hit the 'net.

Mister Cee -- the veteran DJ and associate executive producer on Big's 1994 debut Ready to Die -- has blended some of the Brooklyn rapper's most celebrated verses with beats from some of today's biggest hits: His "Notorious Thugs" rhymes are eased on top of the "Panda" beat; "Everyday Struggle" gets paired with "Real Friends"; "F--k You Tonight," fittingly, gets fit over the "Back to Sleep" beat.

In addition, MICK and Chi Duly have blended Big's raps with Metro Boomin productions for the 30-minute Ready to Boom offering.

If there's anything that's clear about these bridges of past to present, it's that Big's incredible flow can sound almost eerily comfortable over just about any beat -- even ones he never actually rapped over.