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Australian Firefighters Create The Wittiest Firehouse Signs You'll Ever See

Absolutely hilarious

When we think of heroes, we often visualize them running toward danger to help others out. The job description of a firefighter is by definition heroic, but for one firehouse, the heroism also extends to what they say while on the job.

Newtown Fire Station in New South Wales, Australia is gaining a following for its clever signs that comment on fire safety and social issues. The firehouse changes its signs often and posts all the results on its Instagram and Facebook pages -- in addition to showing the members of its platoon looking dreamy in uniform.

"We were given the signs from management to do fire safety messages," said senior firefighter Johnny McGirr to Mashable. "Our job is not always to respond to emergencies, but ingratiate ourselves with the public and show our support. We want the fire station to be a welcoming place."

See all the clever signs below.

Follow the shenanigans of the Newtown Fire Station on Facebook or Instagram.

H/T Mashable

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