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PSA: Do Not Send Your Tinder Matches This Rude Message

Actually, rude is an understatement

Tinder, back at it again with the way harsh messages.

The biggest struggle with dating apps is figuring out WTF to say to each other to transition from "hey, I like your face" to making out in the corner of a dive bar. Amirite? But whatever line you decide to break the ice with, for the love of god, don't choose this one:

A garbage human named Patrick sent this oh-so-sweet opening message to Rebecca Keane, 21, who lives in Ireland. Womp, womp.

"I've never gotten a message like that before to be honest," Keane told Mashable. "All my other pictures are pictures of me so I don't know how he thought I was my friend ... Seems to be a bit of an idiot."

Keane had the perfect response for Patrick, too: "She actually has a boyfriend but thanks for the confidence boost regardless ?"

Rebecca, 1; Patrick, 0. ?