Which Real World Roommate Is Most Likely To Go Home?

The Las Vegas cast members are aware of the twist -- but can they perform each mission in order to stay?

The Real World twist -- completing individual or group missions in order to stay in Las Vegas -- officially kicked into high gear during tonight's premiere episode. And while Dione, Kailah, Dean, CeeJai, Jenna, Sabrina and Chris were able to Go Big during their first assignment (jumping out of a hot air balloon in order to gain access to their new home), which Sin City roommate do you think is most likely to Go Home?

A glimpse back at the heart-stopping initial Nevada desert-based action: While the reaction to this installment's ground rules was overwhelmingly positive (Chris admitted that the name of this theme is actually his life mantra, while Dione declared this was going to be the "best season yet"), others were out to show that they could perform the respective tasks at hand (Jenna stated that she would prove that she's "not afraid of anything.")

But when it came time to actually take that mid-air leap, there were understandable anxieties and concerns.

"After my mother and my father passed, I like to think about consequences and I just like to play everything safe," CeeJai revealed during a separate interview, while bravely elaborating that the death of her parents six years ago has made her need a push in order to perform daunting tasks.

And when Sabrina made her way to jump, she divulged later that little intimidates her -- except one major person.

"I'm adopted, I'm not afraid of heights," the Bostonian stated. "The only thing I fear is meeting my biological mother."

Analysis aside, the seven strangers passed the test with flying colors -- and the entire gang moved in to their humble glam abode and began their journey of getting to know each other. But other high-stakes duties are clearly just around the bend, and there's no saying what they could bring. THE SUSPENSE!

With that in mind, which roommate do you think has the highest likelihood of saying adios to Sin City because of the unpredictable theme? Take our poll below, share your theories and be sure to keep watching Real World: Go Big or Go Home on Thursdays at 10/9c!

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