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To Nude Selfie Or Not To Nude Selfie? Pink And Amber Rose Discuss

Everyone has an opinion on the latest Kim Kardashian selfie

Pop singer Pink has weighed in on the latest Kardashian controversy.

After Kim Kardashian shared a nude selfie on Twitter and Instagram on Monday, a chorus of celebrities rushed to both criticize and defend her. Chloë Moretz and Bette Midler notably tweeted their disapproval of Kim’s latest skin-sharing moment, causing Kim to clap back with a series of tweets and another nude photo.

Pink tweeted an iPhone note with her opinion on the whole affair. “Shout out to all of the women, across the world, using their brains, their strength, their work ethic, their talent, their ‘magic’ that they were born with, that only they possess,” she wrote last night (March 8). “It may not ever bring you as much ‘attention’ or bank notes as using your body, your sex, your tits and asses, but women like you don’t need that kind of ‘attention’."

Wednesday morning, Amber Rose addressed Pink’s message directly on Instagram. "Damn Pink we were all born naked society sexualizes our breast and bodies. If a grown mother of 2 is comfortable with her body and wants to show it off that's none of ur business or anyone else’s,” she wrote in a caption. "Now, if u wanna talk to kids and be a mentor to young teens, tell them to go to school and to not use their bodies to get ahead?! I'm all for it! But please as a grown woman let another grown woman live as she wishes."

Rose also pointed out that Pink has appeared onstage in revealing outfits for some of her iconic performances, like when she swung from the ceiling at the 56th Grammy Awards in 2014. "Pink, We've seen u damn near naked swinging from a rope( Beautifully) but what's the difference between a rope, a pole and a pic on Instagram? Classism."

The whole discussion is eerily reminiscent of Sinead O’Connor and Miley Cyrus’s argument about nudity in the “Wrecking Ball” video. O’Connor urged Cyrus not to use nudity to sell albums at the whims of record label executives, while Cyrus insisted that she exercised her own agency in choosing to reveal her body.

Pink’s not wrong about the fact that sharing nude photos gets attention — just look at the celebrity firestorm around this one selfie. But it’s a little reductive to imply that Kim only uses her body and not her brains. Building a reality TV and social media empire takes work ethic and business savvy, just like any other kind of entertainment work.

As a former adult performer who stripped to earn money as a teen, Amber Rose also knows what it’s like to do a job many people don’t consider “work.” Despite their class differences, she and Kim have faced similar scrutiny: People see their bodies and assume they aren’t using their brains to make a living.

Valuing women’s intelligence, strength, and perseverance will always be essential to fighting sexism — and yes, women are so much more than what their bodies look like. But just because a woman shows her body doesn’t mean she’s not showing off all those other qualities at the same time.