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Kylie Jenner Shares A Zit Cream Selfie, Bringing Us Closer Than Ever

We'll come through for dinner at like 6, cool?

Thanks to her app and Snapchat, we're closer to Kylie Jenner than we've ever been before. We've learned about the things that plague her, her preferred toilet brand, etc., etc., all the things you know about your best friends.

There was one hurdle of intimacy we had yet to clear, though — the zit cream selfie. Thanks to a few Snaps from last night, that's all behind us now. Phew.

Kylie shared a snap of her go-to zit destroyer, Mario Badescu's Drying Lotion. She even goes so far to explain how to apply it, emphasizing NOT TO SHAKE IT. Got it, Kylie. Got it.

She then demonstrated how to apply it, and even though, um, her zits are invisible to the human eye, we always appreciate when celebs get real about their skin.