Teen Wolf Confessional: Dylan Sprayberry Dishes On That Layden Love Scene

We got all the juicy details for ya right here.

It was perhaps one of the most intimate Teen Wolf love scenes since those long-lost Scallison hookups. (RIP, Allison! Wemissyou.)

Once Hayden got over that whole “being dead” conundrum, she and Liam didn’t waste any time progressing their relationship. In between having a serious discussion surrounding the power-hungry Theo, these two bared a little more than their souls during a hot and heavy makeout sesh.

Naturally, we went straight to the source for all the juicy details: Dylan Sprayberry, who plays Liam on the show. He insists that he and Victoria Moroles, who plays Hayden, weren’t worried in the least about filming the slightly risqué scene, as they are strictly friends.

“We’re really cool with each other and very open about the things we have to do on camera,” Sprayberry recently told MTV News. “They asked me to wear this tight bikini, which was really uncomfortable, but I think it helped in the long run.”

Watch the clip below for the full scoop on what that scene entailed! One thing’s for sure — now that Hayden finally got the bite, these two aren’t going anywhere (at least not for awhile).