People Are Not OK With Snapchat's New Look

A new update is getting people talking

On the evening of Tuesday, March 8, Snapchat issued an update for "bug fixes and improvements" in Apple's store. This description left out one very big change to the popular messaging app: a brand-spankin'-new font. Helvetica is out, and Avenir is in.

Here's what the interface looks like now:


In addition to a new font, Snapchat also tweaked the navigation on the Stories page. Users can scroll through Stories in alphabetical order, and there's now a timestamp below each Story.

It's the font that's sparking an uproar on Twitter, though. People aren't happy with the change. The last update that caused this much chatter was Snapchat's decision to make all Best Friend lists private.

Kim Kardashian, Snapchat's latest high-profile user, has yet to comment on the font switch, but that's probably because she joined just in time for the update. ?

H/T BuzzFeed