John Legend Looks Like Paddington Bear, According To Chrissy Teigen

The model and author answers Google autocomplete questions about herself

Chrissy Teigen is having a monumental year already. Not only did she release her first cookbook, Cravings, but she's now the owner of not one but two hilarious reaction memes featuring her face, thanks to the Oscars ceremony. And most of all, she's expecting her first baby with singer John Legend this year as well. ?

And though the world is in ?love? with the model, host, and author, we don't know that much about her -- so, we often turn to Google for the answers. Conveniently for us, a magazine decided to turn to ~*Chrissy herself*~ for the answers this time, with hilarious results.

Self magazine had Chrissy sit down for an interview where they asked her the most-Googled questions about her, including whether or not she has tattoos, if she drinks or not, and more.

They also asked the future baby mama questions people had about her hubby, John, including, "What does John Legend look like?" -- to which she adorably answered, "I think he looks like a Paddington Bear." We personally think he looks more like a golden retriever, but Paddington Bear is probably a better answer. ?

Watch the adorable video below.

H/T Mashable