Do Dione And Kailah Regret Their Real World Hookup?

Get a spoiler-free update on the Sin City duo.

Dione and Kailah just joined the ranks of a special Real World bunch: After a short period of intense flirting -- and making it abundantly clear that they were not sexually interested in anyone else in the Sin City house -- the Go Big or Go Home roommates finally sealed the deal hooked up during tonight's episode (several times, to boot). Nope, this late-night lovefest will not just stay in Las Vegas...

While viewers will have to see how their relationship will play out over the rest of this season (we are already well aware that Jenna was not a happy camper when she was awakened by her fellow cast members doing the deed right next to her), MTV News spoke with Dione and Kailah shortly after the series wrapped to get the duo to look back on their night of passion.

"People, they hook up," Kailah states in the spoiler-free video above. "It happens. We're 20-whatever years old -- it's a normal thing. It happens, so no, I don't regret it."

But does Dione feel differently? View the clip to find out -- and to see what unfolds between him and Kailah, be sure to catch Real World: Go Big or Go Home on Thursdays at 10/9c!