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Lena Dunham Is Saying Goodbye To Photoshop For Good

It's a pretty reasonable request

Lena Dunham has a complicated relationship with Photoshop, which has been well documented by just about everyone except her -- until now. In an essay for Lenny Letter, Lena shares her experiences with retouching, which go as far back as elementary school when she was visiting her mom's friend at Allure magazine.

"I spent most of the day in the layout department, where the kindly computer dudes took a Polaroid of me, scanned it, and slapped my head on the body of Claudia Schiffer, their current cover girl," she recounted. "For the next five years a picture of me as Claudia Schiffer, posed demurely in a pink angora sweater, hung above my bed, my most prized possession."

Lena goes on to share her thoughts on retouching, chronicling everything from her Vogue cover to the miscommunication over a photo used for the cover of a Spanish magazine. In short, Lena isn't mad at Photoshop; she's simply done with people changing her body into something that it isn't. And honestly, that might be the most reasonable request a celebrity has ever asked of a magazine.

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