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X-Men Look Considerably Less Murdery As Rainbow Brite Characters


When you think of the X-Men (in their most modern movie iteration), you think of Wolverine impaling others with his adamantium claws, Mystique doing all sorts of icky things to her enemies, and let's not forget the scene in X-Men: First Class where Magneto forces a coin through someone's head. ?

So, when I say that the following iteration of the X-Men would rather spread happiness and color through the universe than murder you, believe me.

Rey Arzeno of graphic design outfit Rage Gear Studios decided to merge the world of X-Men with the Rainbow Brite universe, and the results are nothing short of adorable.

Wolverine becomes "Mean Mean Tangerine," Gambit becomes "Remy La Rose," and Storm becomes ... well, "Stormy." There's Rainbow Brite precedence for that name, so you can't fault them for sticking with canon. ?

See all 11 prismatic mutants below.

  1. Wolverine
  2. Rogue
  3. Gambit
  4. Jubilee
  5. Iceman
  6. Northstar
  7. Psylocke
  8. Scarlet Witch
  9. Nightcrawler
  10. Dazzler
  11. Storm

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