True Life Update: Is Self-Proclaimed Witch Apollo Still Casting Supernatural Spells?

Plus, find out what's going on with Aracelie and her coven.

MTV's "True Life: I'm A Witch" followed two young people who believe they're real-life witches with supernatural powers. We had an opportunity to check in with Apollo and Aracelie to see how their lives have changed since filming wrapped. Take a look at our follow-up Q&As below:


Have you been able to connect with any new witches since filming ended?

I have connected with a few new witches in Atlanta! I went to a sort of witch meetup where I met a handful of new people, and I’m actually going to try to start a second coven for myself here in Atlanta.

Have you done or learned any new spells lately?

I’ve been writing a lot of new spells lately, but I haven’t been performing them. I’ve been focusing a lot on perfecting my work with tarot cards, which has been fun.

How is your grandma? Has she come around at all since you “came out of the broom closet” to her?

Grandma is good. She has come to a point where she can acknowledge the fact that I’m a witch, but she doesn’t like to talk about it.

How has your relationship with Increase been since he left Atlanta?

Increase is great! We’ve both been incredibly busy, so it’s tough to talk all the time, but if he was here in Atlanta we would definitely be best friends.

Have you been able to meet any of Increase’s coven yet?

Unfortunately, no, I still have not been able to meet any of Increase’s coven since they are in New York. I am still a part of the coven, and I would love to meet them at some point for sure.

Do you feel more accepted now that you have a witch community?

Absolutely! In addition to feeling accepted, it’s nice to not be a loner anymore! It’s amazing. Practicing alone can be boring and exhausting, so it’s nice to have other people that I can do spells with.

Have you made any steps toward starting your metaphysical shop?

I haven’t made any huge steps, but I am still planning on it. I just started a new job, so I’m trying to save up the funds to get the shop started. I have come up with a name for the shop though, and that is “Mystic Soul Collections.”


How have you been handling your new role as sorceress of the Vampire Court of Austin?

It’s going well! It’s definitely a lot of work. I’ve been helping out a lot with figuring out solutions to problems within the group involving people who have broken rules. I’m also giving a lot of metaphysical input and keeping an eye out to make sure people aren’t doing any dark magic.

Have you done any big spells for them lately like you did at the Vampire Ball?

I haven’t done any spells for the VCA yet, but I have done a lot for my coven. The next big spell for the VCA will probably be for the Vampire Ball again, and that’s going to be important since they are planner an even bigger ball than last year.

Have you been able to change the minds of the members who doubted your abilities as sorceress?

It has definitely calmed down. I was really stressed at first because some people in the court really did not want a witch, but I’ve been able to show them that magic works. I’ve taught them some magic and hosted some workshops where they have seen the good that comes out of it, and they have come to accept it.

How is your coven? Have you added any new members?

The coven is great. We have about a dozen members now, and it’s continuing to grow so much that we added an interview process. People who are interested in joining have reached out to me on my Facebook page or the Aquarian Age Wicca Facebook group, and that has brought in a bunch of members.

Do you feel you’ve gotten stronger now that you have the powers of both vampires and witches on your side?

I really do. I was very worried about acceptance, but since starting my own sect, people joining the coven know I am also a vampire and it is no longer a big deal. I show everyone that I am coming from a place of love and light, and people are attracted to that.

Have you been able to balance being a vampire and a witch now that you have big responsibilities with both (running a coven and being a sorceress for the VCA)?

I feel like everything is under control. I do still have a little stress since I’m running a coven for the first time, since I’m basically the mom for everyone in it who is growing and learning, and that is a huge change. However, I do have Aurora on my side who has been helping guide me and is still rooting for my success.

Have you met any other vampire witches who have gone through/are going through the same journey as you?

I only know one other vampire witch. No one else has come out yet, but I have an inkling that some people I know are keeping it a secret, and I’ll have to keep an eye out on them.