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Selena Gomez's Travel Sweatsuit Is Definitely Nicer Than Yours

Unless yours costs $2,000, I guess.

It has been long-established that when it comes to travel style, celebrities have different values than the rest of us. I, for one, would never wear a sequined bodysuit on an international flight — the same cannot be said for Lady Gaga.

Luckily, we have an ally in Selena Gomez, who, sure, is a celebrity, but also gets that comfort > everything else when sitting on a plane for hours on end.

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On her flight to France for Paris Fashion Week, Selena opted for a red sweatsuit, much like you or I would. Unlike the sweatsuit you or I would wear, though, Selena's costs a cool $1,400. Rihanna wore a similar set — though in green — to party in LA recently, which confirms what I've known for a while: Selena and Rihanna are queens of comfort and deserve our utmost respect and appreciation.