17 Fairly OddParents Facts So Shocking, Dinkleberg’s Probably Responsible

Happy 15th Anniversary to Butch Hartman's hilarious cartoon

The Fairly OddParents has been around for 15 years, which means we've been seeing Cosmo and Wanda everywhere for more than a decade.

Now in its 10th season, FOP is making Timmy Turner SHARE his fairy godparents with his new classmate, Chloe Carmichael. Naturally, the two kids have been getting into and out of jams non-stop.

Series creator Butch Hartman is super active on social media, especially on Tumblr and YouTube. To celebrate the cartoon's 15th anniversary, he's been sharing lots of fun facts all month that are making us fall in love with the show all over again.

  1. The show was originally called Fairly Godparents, and Wanda was definitely not the Wanda we know and love today.

    She sported blue hair instead of pink and went by Venus. While Venus is a cool name, "Cosmo and Venus" just doesn't have the same ring to it as "Cosmo and Wanda."

  2. And you know Timmy Turner's beloved pink hat? Almost didn't happen.

    Timmy's hat was supposed to be blue (there's a theme with blue, I see) but Hartman's "blue marker ran out of ink," so he ended up using a pink one instead. Seriously, Timmy without his pink hat is Leonardo DiCaprio without an Oscar. They just work better together.

  3. Ever wonder where in the world Hartman came up with the idea for villain Denzel Crocker? The '80s, apparently.

    Mr. Crocker's inspiration drew from Eugene Levy's role in the 1984 movie Splash. FYI, he looked like this. Yeah, I totally see the resemblance.

  4. But, he wasn't originally created for The Fairly OddParents.

    Mr. Crocker was supposed to be in another cartoon Hartman was "trying to sell at the same time [he] sold Fairly OddParents." Except when Fairly OddParents was sold first, Hartman needed a bad guy, so he just plucked Mr. Crocker from one cartoon and dropped him into the world of another. Can you imagine the show without Mr. Crocker?! He's the reason everyone freaks out on the Internet every March 15.

  5. Wanda stems from a classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon.
    Nickelodeon / Warner Bros.

    Hartman shared, "Wanda's design, especially her hair, was based on Wilma Flintstone." It's all in the hair swirl.

  6. Do you like Timmy's parents's faces? Well, you almost didn't get them.

    Hartman originally designed the World's Most Absent-Minded Parents from the waist down, because he "didn't really want them in the show that much," apparently. It sounds like a Cow and Chicken ordeal. Remember how pissed you were that you never saw their faces, only to then see this bombshell?

  7. You know the Crimson Chin, the superhero from Chincinnati? He's voiced by quite a famous face.

    Former Tonight Show host Jay Leno voices the famed superhero. I knew that chin looked familiar.

  8. Oh, and so was Chip Skylark.

    If you asked Chip which boyband he liked better, NSYNC or Backstreet Boys, he'd most definitely say NSYNC. Why? Because he's voiced by Chris Kirkpatrick, a former member of the '00s boy band. "My Shiny Teeth and Me" and "Icky Vicky" just got even better.

  9. The episode "Snow Bound," where Timmy and Vicky actually become friends in order to survive inside an ice cave, stemmed from an idea from his daughter Sophia.

    "She was very, very little, and she said, 'Daddy, I want you to do an episode of snow with Timmy and Vicky,'" Hartman said.

  10. Cosmo and Wanda's son Poof originally had a different name.

    Instead of hearing the baby fairy chant "Poof," we almost heard him chant something completely different. Hartman revealed Poof's original name was actually Dusty, and that "he was the hardest character to design."

  11. Remember Tootie, Vicky's little sis? Hartman didn't just pull that name out of thin air.

    The FOP creator stated her name was his nickname for his other daughter, Carly.

  12. Dinkleberg, a.k.a. the name that launched a 1000 memes, was just supposed to be a one-time thing.

    The joke "just got funnier the more the writers did it! So it never stopped!," Hartman wrote. Seriously, FOP simply wouldn't be the same without all the Dinkleberg references.

  13. Wondering where Cosmo and Wanda even came from? Not a fishbowl.

    Instead of emerging from a Magic 8 Ball, Hartman said his fairies "came out of a Magic 9 Ball."

  14. But if Hartman could turn back time, he'd change that.

    Instead, Timmy would've bought Cosmo and Wanda in goldfish form from a pet store.

  15. Chompy the goat, Mr. Crocker, The Mayor, Juandissimo, and Dinkleberg are all the same person.

    Well, they're all voiced by the same person: Carlos Alazraqui. Recently, Alazraqui was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program. Fingers crossed he wins, or I've got a feeling Mr. Crocker will give Fs to all the voters.

  16. Mark Chang's surfer voice wasn't the original idea for the character.

    Hartman explained how he "was supposed to have an evil alien voice, but the surfer dude voice Rob Paulson used was so funny... and so wrong, we went with it!" TBH, I can't imagine Mark Chang without the surfer drawl.

  17. And last but not least, Timmy Turner is named after Hartman's brother.

    Hartman's youngest brother Timmy Hartman reallyyyyy owes his bro a big thank you, because he got one of the most colorful cartoon characters of the 21st named after him. However, the Turner part is because "Timmy Taylor," Hartman's original name choice, was too similar to "Tim Taylor," Tim Allen's character on Home Improvement. So, Hartman "just kinda tweaked [his] mind a little bit," and our star was born.

Happy 15th Anniversary, Fairly OddParents!