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This Little Girl Eating A Slice Of Pizza Bigger Than Her Head Is Living Her Best Life

She's an American treasure

Attending a sporting event is totally fun, but when you add the fact that you can get your grub on while watching your favorite team play, it becomes pure bliss. Take this little girl, for instance.

The NHL loaded a short clip taken during a hockey game between the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Philadelphia Flyers of a pre-teen girl straight going to town on a giant slice of pizza.

The wee one, decked in Flyers gear, is so engaging that both sportscasters turn their attention to her slice-eating prowess during the game.

"Wow -- is she going to eat that entire piece of pizza?" says one of the announcers on the video, which has racked up an impressive 2.6 million views on Facebook in only three days. "She might have that done before the game gets going again," says the other.

We'll never know if she actually did finish that slice, but if we had to bet on it, we'd say she probably did. ?

Watch the full clip below.

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