Teen Wolf Cliffhanger: What Evil Creature Has Been Unleashed On Beacon Hills?

The season finale introduced a whole new bad guy.

That. Was. Amazing. And simultaneously terrifying. Essentially, all of this season's Teen Wolf villains were knocked out in one hour-long episode. Kudos, writers!

In typical Teen Wolf fashion, the end of Season 5 has left us with one giant question mark... and a few wet footprints. WET FOOTPRINTS. Is that all we get?!?

The Beast may be no more, but whatever or whoever the Dread Doctors (Rest In Hell) held captive in their lair is likely well on its way to wreaking some mad havoc in Beacon Hills. We have a feeling that it — we'll just refer to it as "Tank Guy" for the time being — is the Dread Doctors' absolute worst science experiment and is more evil and sinister than The Beast and Theo combined. After all, the Dreads often injected their human science experiments with Tank Guy's glowing green toxin, and Mason was hooked up to it during the final stage of his transformation.

It's as if the tank — and whatever creature it held — was used to manifest our worst nightmares. AND NOW IT'S ON THE LOOSE. Sonofa.

The worst part? We have to wait 'til Season 6 kicks off to find out. Until then, keep checking MTV News for further developments on the new season — and anything and everything we can find out about Tank Guy.