Meet Game Of Thrones's New Madcap Big Bad, Euron Greyjoy

What is dead may never die

Game of Thrones has no shortage of middle-aged men thirsty for power. It's kind of the show's M.O. these days. So it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise to viewers that Season 6 will add yet another ruthless madcap to the mix -- Theon's dear old uncle Euron Greyjoy.

If you're currently thinking to yourself, "There can't possibly be anyone madder than Ramsay Bolton," you're not wrong. Ramsay is still the biggest prick this side of the Wall. Mind you, Euron does helm a ship populated by men whose tongues he's ripped out, which you could argue is just one way to show that the man values his peace and quiet.

Euron is a major player in the fifth book in George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series, A Dance With Dragons. After Theon's dad Balon dies (which happens around the time Robb and Joffrey died on the page), the rest of the Greyjoy family (sans Theon) participate in a Kingsmoot in Pyke to crown their new monarch.

MTV News caught up with Pilou Asbaek, the man behind the cunning ironborn pirate, at the 2016 Oscars, and while he couldn't tell us much about Euron's Season 6 power trip, he did confirm Euron's blinding allegiance to the Iron Islands. "He's part of the Greyjoys, the ironborns," Asbaek said. "What is dead may never die."

However, if there's any character more enigmatic than Euron Greyjoy, it's Jon Snow. In fact, when the Danish actor landed in Belfast, even he couldn't resist asking the ubiquitous question: Is Jon Snow alive or not?

"When I was picked up by the driver in Belfast," he said, "the first thing I asked him was, 'Is [Jon Snow] alive?' And then he went, 'Argh, mate, everyone is asking me! I can't tell you anything.'"

As for what Euron's arrival means for the show's current timeline, it wouldn’t be surprising if Game of Thrones offed Balon rather quickly into Season 6 in order to focus on the resulting battle for the Throne in Pyke, which also involves Theon's sister, Yara. Spoiler alert: Euron is eventually crowned the Iron King after promising that the ironborn will conquer all of Westeros... with the aide of three dragons.

This means Euron's quest for power involves courting Daenerys in order to obtain her dragons -- and possibly murder her in the process. See? We told you this guy was bad news. That being said, he might be surprised to find Tyrion ruling Meereen in her stead.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz