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Bas And J. Cole Did It Again: Watch Their 'Night Job' Video

Off of Bas' Too High to Riot album

The ideal teammates are the ones that make those around them better. That's true anywhere: on the basketball court; at work; doing a group project at school; or on a song.

Bas and J. Cole are just those kind of teammates. They're each gifted wordsmiths on their own, but when paired together -- like they are here, on "Night Job," from Bas' Too High to Riot -- they push each other to further their lyrical limits. The rhyme patterns are dense but not undigestible; the stories are vivid but unconfined.

This has been evident often in the past -- notably on "My N---a Just Made Bail" -- and it's the case again here. Now, thankfully, the Dreamville rappers have released a video for "Night Job," a shadowy visual compliment to the album standout.

Too High to Riot is available now.