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50 Cent's Top Five 50 Cent Songs Are Probably Not Your Top Five 50 Cent Songs

If you're looking for 'In Da Club,' keep looking

50 Cent has an immense, sprawling catalog of music. With well over a dozen projects under his belt, between albums and mixtapes -- including his December release, The Kanan Tape -- he's dropped more songs than I'm sure even he could name. Within that collection are a scattering of massive hits and fan-favorites.

But what are Fif's favorite joints he's ever made? Spoiler alert: "In da Club" is not on the list.

"It's probably not going to be nothing everybody else likes," 50 told Power 107.5 in Columbus, Ohio, when asked to list his top five songs of his own. "The biggest lesson I learned from Jam Master Jay when I was working with him was to not fall in love with the music. If it's what you think it is, great -- we need another one. You gotta appreciate it, like it, and then move to the next one."

Here's 50's list:

"A Baltimore Love Thing"

"Ryder Music"

"Like My Style"

"Curtis 187"

"What Up Gangsta?"

Hard to fault him for any of his choices, but it would also be tough for me to not strongly consider joints like "Ghetto Qu'ran (Forgive Me)," "Slow Doe," and "Patiently Waiting" for my list of 50's music.

What's on yours?