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Picture Proof That Taylor Swift Is Becoming A Real-Life Khaleesi

Looks like someone's got a girlcrush on the Mother of Dragons.

It's International Women's Day today, March 8, and we bet there's no one who's circled this date on her calendar as many times as Taylor Swift, whose ~go girls~ attitude has been refreshingly unapologetic (even if a little misplaced sometimes).

In the spirit of that, we've been on a mini-mission to unearth some of her less obvious, non-boy-related inspirations lately, like the fact that her lyrical history runs parallel to her changing hairstyles and, now, that she's quietly been transforming herself into the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones, over the past year-ish.

  1. It all started whens she wore this look-alike dress to the ACMs last spring.

    It wasn't an exact replica of what Dany was rocking in her Entertainment Weekly feature for Season 3, but it was close enough to make ya wonder if Tay was a secret Khaleesi fanatic like everyone else, what with the similar boxey bodice flap, the light blue tint, and the silver pattern embellishment.

  2. Then came this outfit which she wore on the almost anniversary of Khaleesi slaying in something super similar.
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    If Tay's wow factor-filled pantsuit from the 2015 Billboard Music Awards reminded you of something but you couldn't quite place it, this might be it. Daenerys's crossbody surprise had been featured on the show's fourth season in an episode that aired just one day shy of a year prior to when Taylor hit the red carpet in this. Coincidence? Well yeah, probably but still.

  3. That's when things started getting a little more obvious.
    Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic and HBO

    Taylor's 2015 Grammys dress was either a purposeful play on Khaleesi's Astapor blue pants-dress look from Season 3 (arguably one of her most iconic and cosplayed costume ever) or ... well, there is no "or." It just was.

  4. After that, she went and made “Bad Blood” her own song of fire and ice.

    Everyone associates Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” video with her Katy Perry feud, but if you take that concept away what you’re left with is a mini-movie about her leading a warrior pack through the harshest elements of, a ha, fire and ice. What if it was really just an elaborate sismance salute to Selena Gomez (aka the Jon Snow to her Khaleesi)?

  5. She also hit the sand for her her “Wildest Dreams” video.

    It might’ve seemed like Tay was going for the Elizabeth Taylor in Elephant Walk tribute treatment in her controversial “Wildest Dreams” video, but all it'd take for this scene to read as a full-on Dany in the desert redux is a little dirt in the hair action and some thread shreddage. Just sayin’.

  6. So, she took it one step further and actually did get dirty for her “Out of the Woods” video.

    As Daenerys says, "Fire cannot kill a dragon," and, similarly, none of the elements could take down TSwift as she battled 'em all in her "Out of the Woods" video. She even included her own tagline which could very easily be her own personal translation of Dany's mantra ("She lost him, but she found herself, and somehow that was everything").

  7. And let's not forget when she held her trio of Grammys like the baby dragon children they really are to her.
    Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic and HBO

    She's the mother of many statues, guys.

  8. Then she really sealed the deal with this Oscars afterparty dress.
    John Shearer/Getty Images and HBO

    On the surface, this might just seem like a skin-teasing party dress, but consider the similarities to Daenerys Stormborn's style. Dramatic, metallic choker neckline? Check. Severe cuts of the fabric to reveal a tasteful amount of flesh? Check. Fierce "get it" posture alignment? Check. And now we await her next big appearance so we can see what other subtle winks to the GoT queen this pop culture princess'll step out with next.