This Guy Got Fired For Fanboying Over Beyoncé

Was it the week's 'Greatest Party Story Ever'?

A young man recounted how his sweet dreams came true on tonight's season finale of Greatest Party Story Ever: While working as a celebrity stylist's assistant, he got to meet his ultimate idol Beyoncé.

But was Devohn's brush with fame the week's very best tale? Read on for a recap of each adventure:

  • Sherlock Homeless

    After realizing a drifter had stolen a beloved, custom-made knife out of his van, this dude hunted down the homeless man and reclaimed his treasure. So how'd he celebrate? By asking out his dream girl and scoring an unforgettable evening of "sweet, passionate love": He woke up the next day with the beautiful Vanessa to his left and his beloved knife to his right. As he says himself, "Life couldn't get any better."

  • Beyoncé's Brother

    Just after getting a job as assistant to a celebrity stylist, Devohn hit pay dirt when he found out an upcoming photo shoot would feature Beyoncé. There was just one problem: His bitchy strict boss warned him to not even LOOK at Queen Bey. Yeah, RIGHT: Not only did the Beyoncé fanatic bond with Mrs. Carter, but the two even posed for photos together -- just before B called Devohn her "little brother." Sure, Devohn's boss fired him for the infraction, but does it really matter when you're basically on par with Solange?

  • Snake Crashed My Party

    Pandemonium broke loose at this guy's 21st birthday bash when a guest arrived with his six-foot-long boa constrictor, which promptly went missing and caused so many people to freak out that cops arrived on a noise complaint. But all's well that ends well: Nessie was eventually found in the garage, and our bday boy celebrated the rest of his evening at a local strip club.

  • Dating A Gangster

    It wasn't this guy's style to drink 'n dash, but when his sexy date suggested skipping out on a bar bill, he agreed. The gal's wild side was further exposed when she got naked and straddled our protagonist in the car -- until a cop interrupted their tryst. But hey, no problem: She got in the driver's seat, floored it and outran the 5-0, proving that she was totally gangster.

  • Valentine's Day Hero

    Miles thought a group of H.S. mean girls had vandalized his car on V-Day -- umm, an enormous phallic symbol was spray-painted on it -- but after investigating the graffiti with the help of his buddies, he realized his very own pals were the culprits. Hey, it's all good: Miles laughs about it now -- even though, to this day, there's still a giant you-know-what on the hood of his car.

  • Triple Cop Block

    This trio of fellows treated a group of girls to an all-expenses-paid day on Coney Island -- heck, they even borrowed a minivan to transport everyone -- but the festivities went south when the group was erroneously picked up by cops for car theft. It got even worse when the pretty lasses threw their dates under the van bus and left them sitting in jail. So what did the guys learn after spending major coin to impress some unappreciative ladies? As one says, "Next time, I'm just going to McDonald's."