Alex Gaeth / Twitter

Watch A High School Janitor Shock Teachers And Students With His Sam Cooke Cover

Slay, janitor, slayyyy!

Think of the last person you interacted with. Was it a cashier at a drug store? A waiter at a restaurant? Someone you've known for years? Whoever it was, he or she might be hiding an amazing ability under the surface that you don't know about. Take this high school employee, for instance.

Roy Smith, a janitor at Burke High School in Omaha, Nebraska, absolutely slayed a song by the King of Soul himself, Sam Cooke.

Smith, who sings in the hallways of his school with teachers and students, performed "A Change Is Gonna Come" in a more official capacity at a school orchestra performance.

After student Alex Gaeth posted the dulcet tones of her high school janitor on Twitter, the clip went viral, and he was invited to sing at the Democratic Nebraska Caucus.

"I’m like that every day," Roy Smith said to ABC News about his singing throughout the day in casual and dressy settings. "It brings joy to the students. The ones that are down and out, I give them something to cheer them up."

Watch a clip of his performance (and peep his ?red suit) below.

H/T Huffington Post