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Who Said It: Hillary Clinton Or J.K. Rowling? [QUIZ]

They're both Hufflepuffs, alright.

Donald Trump may sound exactly like Mr. Krabs (yes, the money-obsessed SpongeBob SquarePants character), but he's not the only current presidential candidate who has a soundbite soulmate out there.

Hillary Clinton -- who also has her fair share of similarities to fictional beings, a windswept wink to you, Elle Woods -- has kinda got a real-life talky twin in the form of Harry Potter scribe J.K. Rowling.

JoRow might live on an entirely different continent than Hil on the Hill, and her only true claim to governmental fame is her still-ongoing term of presiding over the solemnly-sworn-to-be-up-to-no-good activities of her many magical creatures. But she's still a wizard with words by trade, so when she's got something serious to say it comes out as seasoned as though she'd spent a lifetime aiming for the Oval (ahem).

Don't believe us? Well, warm up your wands and see if you can accio all the right answers to who said which quote in the quiz below.