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See Kanye Grinning Like A Little Kid On The Set Of Kim Kardashian’s Long-Lost ‘Jam’ Video

Such a tragic, beautiful time this was for Kimye.

The beautiful thing about having your life as heavily documented as Kim Kardashian is that you have an endless trove of #TBT treasures to mine when you fancy a stroll down memory lane. Just earlier this week, Kim dug up a precious clip of her and Kanye West’s semi-lame first date, and now she’s given us (*DJ Khaled voice*) ANOTHA ONE.

Only this time -- for reasons we can’t quite understand -- Kim’s bravely decided to remind us of her once-hyped pop music career, which, yes, is a thing that actually happened. The year was 2011. The song was “Jam (Turn It Up).” And the impact was strong. Fleeting, but strong.

Kim later shrugged the track off as nothing more than an experiment that was never meant to be taken seriously, but it was apparently so serious that she recruited Hype Williams to direct a music video for it. Sadly, the vid was never released in its entirety, but on Friday, Kim shared a behind-the-scenes look from the set, featuring none other than 'Ye.

As Kim films a sexy close-up and lip-syncs her loopy, AutoTuned club jam, her future husband sits nearby, grinning like a giddy schoolboy. You could say he’s ultra light beaming, though it’s not clear if that’s because he’s infatuated with Kim, or if he knows this song is SO ROUGH that he just can’t stifle his smile.


"It was so fun working on this song with one of Kanye's frequent collaborators, The-Dream!!!" Kim captioned the clip, referring to the track’s producer. "We filmed this in 2011 and I remember it so well — Kanye was on set too!”

At the time, Kim and Kanye were platonic buds, and Kim was actually just months away from becoming engaged to Kris Humphries. But true love is so oft born out of going through traumatic experiences with someone, and Kim and Kanye’s shared memory of living through this video shoot must have ignited a spark that day (though, to be fair, it could probably only be considered her second most tragic video shoot of all time). And the rest is beautiful, dark, twisted history.