Awkward Stars Imagine The Dating Profiles Of Matty And Jenna

You know, just in case it doesn't work out between Palos Hills' lovebirds.

Ideally speaking, Awkward couple Matty and Jenna would be together forever, but now that landing multiple dates is as easy as swiping a finger across an inches-long screen, we’re not holding our breath.

When the show returns later this month with brand-new episodes, the Palos Hills couple and their pals will have leapt forward a year to the summer after college. Will Matty and Jenna still be together, or will they have moved on? It’s too soon to say, but in a recent interview with MTV News, actors Ashley Rickards and Beau Mirchoff -- who play Jenna and Matty, respectively -- dreamed up their characters’ mock online dating profiles, just in case.

In the video above, Mirchoff says he’s sure about one thing: Matty would try to turn heads with his featured image.

“Matty probably has his shirt off in his profile picture,” he says.

Rickards, meanwhile, believes Jenna would a little vague on her dating account.

“[It] would probably say something like: For city -- nowhere near you. Email would be,” she jokes.

What other deets do the Awkward stars imagine would be included in their characters' online dating profiles? Watch the video to find out, then be sure to tune in to brand-new episodes of Awkward starting March 15!