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The Thirst Is Real: Internet Goes Ass Over Elbows For A Hot California Cop

He *IS* pretty darn hot, but still.

Last week, Orange County resident and 3-year-old cutie Tayden Nguyen was bummed after his first week of preschool was over. So, what did his family do? His uncle Joe Ranalla called the police.

(To cheer him up, obviously. ?)

Tayden loves police officers, so the Westminster Police Department was all-too-happy to send 26-year-old officer Mike Gradilla to the scene to assess the situation.

"This adorable little guy wanted to meet a police officer," the Westminster Police Department said on Facebook.

"His parents called WPD today saying their son was a big fan of law enforcement and asked if their son could meet an officer. Officer Gradilla was happy to oblige and spend some time with him."

"I was there to brighten his day, but he brightened my day," Gradilla told the Orange County Register, who also described Gradilla as "passionate," "a giver," and mentioned that he mentors a high school football team, track team, and is a basketball coach at the Boys and Girls Club.


You right now, probably.

After Officer Gradilla gave Tayden a tour of his police car and posted some pictures of the experience on his department’s Facebook page, the images went viral, because cute kids and hot men are two things the internet really, really loves.

Gradilla himself has become something of a mini-celeb, thanks in part to the thirsty comments on the Facebook images, calling him "handsome," "hot," and other adjectives I'd need to cover Tayden's ears to tell you. ?

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