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Zayn Goes Shirtless For Alternate Mind Of Mine Album Cover

More like 'body of mine,' amirite?

When Zayn Malik unveiled the cover art for his debut solo album last month, most fans either melted into puddles of lovesick goo at the sight of BB Zayn, or they called for his head after insisting he ripped off Lil Wayne.

The newly minted solo star caught a lot of flak for allegedly copying Weezy’s Tha Carter III and Tha Carter IV album covers, both of which featured the rapper as a tattooed tyke. Zayn adamantly shut the rumors down, and further squashed any beef rumors by teaming up with Tunechi for a “Pillowtalk” remix. And then all was well and good in the world, as Zayn fans continued counting down the days until the the album’s March 25 release.

As it turns out, however, we’re not fully finished discussing Mind of Mine’s artwork. On Thursday, a new, alternate version of the cover surfaced, and let’s just say it focuses more on the “body” than the “mind.”

Amazon France

The alternate cover essentially takes the black and white “Pillowtalk” single artwork and gives it the full color treatment. It also nixes the blocky text and lets us have an unhindered view of Z’s shirtless, tattooed torso. It’s currently featured on Amazon France’s website as the deluxe edition album cover, but it’s not clear whether it’ll be a global offering or just limited to lucky French fans.

Which cover do you prefer more: BB Zayn or Grown Zayn? Let us know in the comments!