Over It: This Is Why We've Had Enough Of Malia's Mother On Teen Wolf

Hey, Desert Wolf — you're dead to us.

While Teen Wolf's Scott & Co. are hellbent on taking down The Beast once and for all (while simultaneously saving Mason, fingers double-crossed), Malia and Braeden are still obsessing over the Desert Wolf. On the other hand, we're... not.

Malia's birth wrecked her mom of any supernatural power, and ever since, the gun-wielding DW has been out to get it back — even if it means murdering her own flesh and blood. And now, the werecoyote's mom is after the person who matters most to Malia: Stiles. OH, HELL NO. You go after our Stiles, and you wind up on our shit list; that's all there is to it. The good ol' DW can officially DIAF for all we care — just imagine her mean mug engulfed in flames:

Luckily, the bitter assassin is now trapped inside the McCall house thanks to a ring of mountain ash — good job, Braeden! Malia is still inside though, so B had better have a plan for that before the full moon strikes.

The cage match is on, but who will remain the victor? Comment with your Desert Wolf theories, and catch the SEASON FINALE on Tuesday at 9/8c.