GloriousGherkins / Imgur

Someone Made A Delicious Alteration To Their Lease That Might Actually Be Enforceable

Tricking your landlord like this is probably not recommended.

After handing over too much money and signing a legal agreement filled with boring line items about noise and late fees, you get the keys to your brand new place.

For one person, those boring line items were not enough for them -- they wanted more.

Reddit user GloriousGherkins decided that they wanted some extra tasty benefits in addition to the standard home with a yard their landlord was offering.

"My lease came as a Word file instead of PDF," GloriousGherkins said on Reddit. "I made a slight change before signing it." See what was added below.

Since posting the alteration on Imgur, it's gone viral, amassing more than 1.7 million views in only 16 hours. And for those asking if this nefarious act is actually legal, it just might be -- the landlord actually signed it.

Legally, look at it this way: If two people clearly signed a contract, the law pretty much assumes that you both read it prior to signing.

So this landlord better pony up some non-vanilla cake on June 7 and February 17. As for the renter, they should also plan on finding another place when this lease runs out. ?