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Kylie Jenner Cleverly Acknowledges Her Puma Deal For The First Time

We see you, Kylie.

A few weeks ago, you may recall there was a bit of drama in the Kardshian-Jenner-West fam over some shoes. You see, it was rumored that Kylie Jenner had signed a deal with Puma, and her brother-in-law, who designs for Adidas, was not happy about it.

Though Puma eventually confirmed the deal had gone through despite Kanye's Twitter protest, Kylie was suspiciously quiet about the entire thing — until now.

Kylie seemed to subtly acknowledge the news on Instagram — where else? — in a photo featuring a large feline. That feline? A puma, obviously. I only know because her caption is "Puma Vs. Puma," I'm not some kind of animal expert (yet). I don't think she's just hanging out at the zoo for fun, y'know?

Details surrounding the collab are still unknown, but at least now we know Kylie is on board. Sorry, Kanye.