Can You Tell This Grandma, Mom, And Daughter Apart? Of Course You Can

This trend has got to stop.

The world relearned why the term "black don't crack" exists when Tina Brown and her twin daughters Kyla and Kaylan Mahomes confused the Internet with a selfie.

In the photograph posted to Twitter in February, no one could tell which of the three was the mother and which were the daughters. It really is a sight to behold:

Since then, some have tried to parrot the mother/daughter look-alike trend and have failed miserably. Take for instance, U.K. channel ITV's This Morning, who tried to pass off two good-looking women of obviously different ages as *literal twins*, saying, "Are they sisters or mother and daughter? We can’t tell!"

You can tell.

The internet quickly responded to these two, saying resoundingly, "WE DON'T BUY IT, MOM YOU'RE ON THE LEFT, GOOD DAY."

And now -- now! -- a third group of women have tried to pass this trick off on us: this time a grandmother (Gwen Slade, 65), her daughter (Jemima Slade, 44), and granddaughter (Lily Slade, 16). Wondering what they look like? Welp, here they are:

Daughter Lily Slade said to The Sun, "We’re proof three generations look more like sisters than nana, mum and granddaughter."


And clearly, the Internet didn't believe them either:

The thing is, the three women, who "talk about everything together: sex, men, relationships and drinking" are all clearly confident women at the top of their game. They don't need to look like the Mahomes twins and their mom to display that confidence.

The need we all seem to have to constantly highlight older women looking like the clock doesn't tick for them doesn't help turn the tides on ageism as much as casting a 25-year-old actress to play a woman much older does. Women don't need to look eternally 16 years old.

"We often get together and enjoy 'Who wears it better?' nights, trying on each other’s outfits," Gwen said. "It used to be that mums, daughters and nanas dressed 'age appropriately' but for us our style is the same and we all look awesome."

That's true. You all look awesome, at any age. ?

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