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Watch This ‘Walking Dead’ Star Expertly Impersonate 11 Actors In 3 Minutes

His Justin Timberlake impression is (walking) dead-on.

It’s too bad there’s not a lot of room for comedy on The Walking Dead, because the group’s de facto jokester would undoubtedly be Aaron, the Alexandria Safe-Zone recruiter played by Ross Marquand.

Turns out, when Marquand isn’t slaying zombies on the show, he’s flexing his insane talents as a celebrity impersonator. He previously shared his skills in a video for Vanity Fair in January, and on Tuesday night, he dug them out again during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Since we’re fresh off Oscars weekend, Kimmel challenged Marquand to give rapid-fire acceptance speeches by some of today’s top actors (and Justin Timberlake). In just three minutes, Marquand impersonates Matt Damon, Antonio Banderas, Kevin Spacey, and eight more celebs. There’s even a solid Matthew McConaughey pun, a faux Christian Bale outburst, and a glimpse at what Sylvester Stallone’s Oscars speech would’ve looked like if he had won the golden trophy at last Sunday show.

The best one might be the Timberlake impression, though. If Aaron meets an untimely end on TWD, at least we know Marquand has a backup career as a pro JT impersonator.