Ben Carson’s Long Farewell Starts Now, Sort Of

He's gonna teach us how to say good-bye, you and I ... and your direct-mail dollars.

A few hours after failing to place even third anywhere on Super Tuesday, Ben Carson announced that he wasn’t going to suspend his presidential campaign. He also said that he did “not see a political path forward in light of last evening’s Super Tuesday primary results” and was not planning to take part in a Republican debate on Thursday. Earlier in the day, one of his advisers said the same thing to Politico: “It’s not about a pathway to him. There is no pathway,” he said. “It’s about his constituency and his base telling him to stay in the race.”

And so Ben Carson’s candidacy remains in the same liminal space it’s been quarantined for the past few months — not a presidential campaign, but not quite not a presidential campaign, either. Not quite on the prime-time stage, although still getting attention for the way he failed to get there.

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