Kyla Pratt Isn't Penny Proud Anymore

Pratt breaks down that shocking 'Recovery Road' reveal and previews what's next for Trish.

The most recent episode of Recovery Road featured a shocking revelation: Trish's beloved daughter Nevaeh wasn't real. She wasn't kidnapped by Trish's mother; she never existed. Instead, we learn that Trish has been suffering from a deep-seated psychosis brought on by her meth addiction.

It was a paralyzing reveal for Maddie, who made the connection after discovering that the young girl in Trish's photo was actually a young Trish, not Nevaeh. Then, when Trish showed Maddie her "tattoo" of Nevaeh's name on her thigh, it was actually just a birthmark. Needless to say, everyone at Springtime Meadows was thoroughly freaked out.

"I would have been uncomfortable is I was another person living in that house," Kyla Pratt told MTV News. "I would not have been able to sleep."

For Pratt, finding out that her character was more or less delusional was an exciting opportunity to do something different than the norm.

"I didn't know that going in," the 29-year-old said. "The creators of the show actually pulled me to the side about two episodes before. They were like, 'We have something to tell you, but you can't tell anyone else.' And I'm not good at keeping secrets! But they let me know because they wanted to give me the heads up that Nevaeh wasn't real. I was baffled. I was excited, and I was surprised... It's crazy because I have no idea if what she says is real or fake, and that's the most exciting thing about it."

"Playing a young woman who's not able to be around her child is heartbreaking," Pratt, a mother of two, added. "Of course, I didn't know the twists and turns that were going to happen, but Trish doesn't actually see things that way. She thinks Nevaeh is real. So it was nice to not have that distraction of knowing what's about to happen. I got to play a young woman who just misses her baby, and that was very real for me."


The cast, however, had no idea Trish's storyline was taking such an unexpected turn until the table read. "I was just waiting for everyone's reactions because it's not something that you'd expect, and they didn't expect it," she said. "They were all shocked."

It doesn't take Craig and Cynthia very long to get Trish the help she needs, but whether the former addict is receptive to her treatment is another issue.

"She's suffering from a psychosis brought on by meth use, which can actually happen That's how powerful drugs are, and it's not something that's going to go away overnight," Pratt said. "So we'll see her start the healing process, but she may not be able to cope with the reality of not having Nevaeh."

Addiction narratives on TV often focus on the ugly, gritty side of spiraling and gloss over recovery with nothing more than a footnote. This is where Recovery Road differs. The Freeform drama is about recovery -- the ups, downs, and everything in between -- and as Trish's story will attest, the recovery process isn't over when you get clean.

Pratt, who voiced Penny Proud on Disney Channel's The Proud Family for four years, wanted to be part of a project that handled addiction in an authentic way. As a result, it also made her acutely conscious on her own complicated portrayal of drug use.

"Addiction doesn't effect just one race or one gender; it effects everyone," Pratt said. "I put a lot of pressure on myself to look crazy as hell so that a teenager will never want to touch this stuff."

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