Teen Mom OG Introduction: Butch Describes The Moment He Met Carly For The First Time

Watch as the grandparent breaks it down during the upcoming reunion special.

Tyler's dad Butch adjusted to life outside of prison during this Teen Mom OG season and endured some unforgettable experiences during those initial months of freedom -- holding his granddaughter Novalee for that first time, witnessing his son say "I do" and contemplating his living arrangements, to name just a few.

And while the MTV grandfather was not given permission to travel to the Los Angeles-based reunion because of the conditions of his parole, he did join Catelynn, Tyler and host Dr. Drew via video chat to reflect on this past installment -- and one specific scene: meeting Carly.

"It's my granddaughter, she's got my blood in there," the Michigan native reveals in the sneak peek above from Monday's episode. "She's beautiful; she's gorgeous. I was walking through the corridor -- it wasn't planned."

But when the "Butch Breaks It Down" frontman saw the six-year-old, he could not resist approaching her and shaking her hand -- which was not well received by her parents Brandon and Teresa. How did the couple's reaction make Butch feel? Play the video to find out -- plus, watch Butch get emotional talking about Tyler in the video below. And be sure to catch Part 2 of the Teen Mom OG reunion on Monday at 10/9c.