The New Finding Dory Trailer Will Make You Cry An Ocean's Worth Of Tears

Keep calm and swim on.

Who said you can't go home again? Because Dory would like to have a word with you, whoever you are.

A new trailer for Finding Dory, the anticipated sequel to the beloved 2003 Disney/Pixar film Finding Nemo, is here, and we are currently swimming in an entire ocean's worth of emotions.

As the title would imply, the movie focuses on dopey blue tang fish Dory, voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, as she ventures out into the deep sea to find her family. "All I know is that I miss them. I really, really miss them," Dory says in the trailer, after an undertow triggers memories of her parents. "Do you know what that feels like?" Marlin looks at Nemo. He sighs because he does, indeed, know what that feels like -- and thus the wild adventure to find Dory's family begins.

The new trailer also introduces Dory's odd new squad -- Ed O’Neill (voicing a octopus sectopus named Hank), Ty Burrell (voicing Bailey, a beluga whale), and Kaitlyn Olson (voicing a whale shark named Destiny who's very confused about her own identity). This eccentric bunch will eventually help Dory find her family, but first, they have to escape an ocean sanctuary facility where Dory finds herself after separating from Marlin and Nemo. Judging from this trailer, however, it seems like maybe this isn't Dory's first time at the sanctuary.

This past August, director Andrew Stanton told D23 Expo goers that at the end of Finding Nemo, he needed to know that "this charming, forgetful fish would be OK, that she would find her way home." But the director himself wasn't so confident. "So that’s when I knew we had a story."

Finding Dory swims into theaters June 17, 2016.