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Quiz: Match The TV Show With Its Famous High School

Can you make the grade?

If you are one of those children who just so happened to have learned your realest high school lessons from the comfort of your couch in the fictitious classrooms of Miss Bliss, Mr. Feeny, and Mr. Schue, then HI! You are SO not alone.

We, too, grew up in the school of hard box-sets watching as all our pretend classmates matriculated (sometimes more slowly and/or dramatically than others), and you can bet that if we ever had the chance to suit up in Zack Morris's rad letterman jacket or hear Coach Taylor's classic "clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose" speech under those Friday night lights, well, it'd be nothing short of a dream come true.

Same for you? Nice. In that case, let's find out just how good a student of the small screen you are by seeing how well you remember all the high schools of TV academia, shall we? Check how many of your pretend alma maters you can match with their shows below!