Dead Oceans

Mitski's 'Your Best American Girl' Is Pure, Beautiful Heartbreak At Its Finest

'I have nothing ahead of me.'

When MTV News last caught up with Mitski, the singer pondered love, Twitter culture, and rap feuds on a rainy fall day in Brooklyn. It was obvious that Mitski was opening a brand new chapter: "I’m still too close to it to know what its themes are," she said of her new material. At the time, we couldn't be sure where this new chapter would lead. Now, she's shared a promising preview of her next adventure with a brand new, stunningly beautiful track, "Your Best American Girl."

"Your Best American Girl," from Mitski's forthcoming record Puberty 2, is your classic, complicated love story. Sprawling and powerful, the song soldiers forth through endless melancholy melodies. "You're the one, you're all I've ever wanted/ I think I'll regret this," Mitski laments across its spectacular rises and falls.

"Your Best American Girl" offers the highest highs ("If I could I'd be your little spoon and kiss your fingers forevermore") and the lowest lows ("I have nothing ahead of me") of love. It's not just building the love you want and deserve and imagine for yourself, but admitting defeat when its ending isn't as happy as you'd hoped.

In other words, it's Mitski at her finest: a girl at her very best.

Puberty 2 is out June 17 via Dead Oceans.