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Ashley Benson Is Being Stalked By Someone More Terrifying Than 'A' In This Exclusive 'Ratter' Clip

Prepare to feel the urge to throw all of your devices across the room.

Imagine if someone was watching you through your devices. Think about it: we all carry our phones, and most, if not all, of our phones come equipped with a camera. The same can be said for our laptops and tablets. And that person who hijacked your devices? They're now watching your every move. That's the subject of Ashley Benson's latest thriller, Ratter, and honestly this stalker puts A to shame.

Ratter, which stars Benson as a young grad student named Emma and Orange Is The New Black's Matt McGorry as her new boyfriend, taps into the fear that someone, somewhere, is watching you at all times. The ratter -- defined as someone who hacks into devices to watch unsuspecting victims -- becomes privy to Emma's private world, all without her knowledge, and soon, the stalker uses the information he acquires to track down Emma outside of the digital sphere... and into her very real apartment.

Yeah, it's creepy AF. MTV News has an exclusive clip from the film, which is out on DVD and digital now, and it's a scene that honestly hits way too close to home. Warning: you may want to throw all of your devices across the room, or into a garbage can, after watching this.