OUE Limited / Skyspace LA

This Glass Slide Suspended 1,000 Feet In The Air Is 2 Full Scoops Of Nope

Nope, nope, nope.

Last Autumn, Shiniuzhai National Geological Park in China opened a plexiglass bridge between two mountains to terrify visitors into becoming one with nature.

Because China and the US have to compete in everything from gymnastics to the economy, Los Angeles is set to one-up that bridge.

Skyspace LA, an open-air observation deck in the U.S. Bank Tower in downtown LA is opening Skyslide, an enclosed glass slide suspended 1,000 feet in the air. (Does that sound like a calm, relaxing way to sightsee? No?)

OUE Limited / Skyspace LA

The slide will be made of 1.25" clear glass that extends for 45 feet from U.S. Bank Tower’s 70th floor down to the 69th floor’s balcony. Those strong-willed enough to take the plunge (so to speak) will have to pony up $8, because obviously slides that are built 100 stories in the air don't come cheap.

OUE Limited / Skyspace LA

All kidding aside, we're sure it'll all be a good time for anyone who takes the trip. No word on whether sliders should have someone waiting for them with a fresh pair of underoos. ?

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