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Kylie Jenner Had 150,000 People Weigh In On Her New Hair Color

I, on the other hand, ask NO ONE.

For most people, drastically changing your hair is a daunting decision. Sure, you may confer with a few friends or double-check with your mom, but you lean on people you know and trust for advice.

Kylie Jenner is not like most people (I mean, obviously) — she turns to Twitter for beauty advice. She's a brave woman, that Kylie.

It all started last night, when Kylie presented a serious dilemma — should she go teal or mint for her next Sugar Factory appearance? She just couldn't decide!!

A minute later, she presented a poll to her 14.6 million followers. Almost 150,000 of them voted. Ultimately, teal won out.

Which is good news because, well, it seems like she had already made up her mind. Also she'll probably just wear a wig.