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Hello, It's Me, I Was Wondering If You Know What's Going On With This Pic Of Adele

This illusion involving Adele's face will haunt you.

Adele: vocal queen, breaker of records, lover of lemongrass. As far as the public is concerned, she can do no wrong. So it comes as no surprise that when someone does wrong to her, we take notice.

The following picture created by Carl Bradbury is an example of just that kind of wrong:

What's wrong with this picture, you say? If you own a cell phone and already turned this picture of the 10-time Grammy Award winner upside down then you still may be recoiling in horror. If you have a laptop, iMac or are unwilling to move your phone because you're just that lazy, get a load of this:

The Shade Room / Instagram

We'll find whoever did this to you, Adele Laurie Blue Adkins MBE. They will pay!

We assure you that the image Instagram account @theshaderoominc shared and the Bizarro Adele are the same image. So what gives? The explanation lies in the optical illusion The Thatcher Effect.

Named for the former Prime Minister of Adele's home country, the optical illusion illustrates that when we look at a face upside down, our brain processes it in parts -- the head shape, then nose, eyes, and lips.

When a face is right-side up (how they usually are, unless you're Spiderman), your eyes don't need as much assistance from your brain -- which is why Adele looks so freaky-deaky. #TheMoreYouKnow


H/T Mashable