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22 Times Justin Bieber Surprised His Biggest Fans

Happy birthday, Biebs.

Justin Bieber has been living on earth for 22 years today, and he hasn’t wasted a minute of it.

The Purpose singer’s 22nd birthday also marks six years since “Baby” cracked the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. It’s almost like nothing has changed; this week, Justin’s still up at No. 2 on the charts with “Love Yourself."

He’s had an impressive run of hit singles, but maybe the most incredible thing about Justin is how he’s reached out to his fans time and time again. Whether he’s surprising Beliebers with tickets to his shows or helping out families in need, he doesn’t ever really seem to stop giving back.

In honor of Justin’s big 22, here are 22 times he blew away fans who were never expecting to meet him in person.

  1. Three-year-old Cody finally stopped crying in Justin's lap.

    This Kimmel clip is the origin story of Justin Bieber: Superhero. His three-year-old mega-fan couldn’t stop crying about how much she loved him — until she actually met him.

  2. Three lucky sisters were treated to a private JB concert.

    After their dad was deployed to Iraq before he could take them to a Bieber concert, the Simon sisters got the best surprise: a limo ride from Justin to their very own concert. He even took them out for ice cream before the show.

  3. 15-year-old Paige got the surprise of her life on The Ellen Show.

    Justin surprised a teen superfan at her own house with the help of her awesome mom.

  4. A video game demo turned into an unexpected meet-and-greet.

    Three young fans thought they were trying out the dancing game Just Dance 4. They were in for a whole lot more.

  5. Justin quizzed a third grade classroom on their multiplication skills.

    There’s no way these kids don’t love math now.

  6. Justin surprised a whole movie theater after a screening of Never Say Never.

    No one has ever screamed like these true Beliebers screamed when he showed up out of nowhere.

  7. An injured fan from Australia attended a private acoustic Bieber concert.

    Kate’s fans started a campaign for her to meet Justin after she survived a serious car accident — and Justin was happy to oblige.

  8. A “ProActiv commercial” was a secret set-up to introduce a fan to her idol.

    Justin directed this young model in a ProActiv ad — and when she found out it was him, she flipped.

  9. Two superfans living with chronic illness had their wish come true.

    Emma, 11, and Ilia, 16, learned that they inspire the person who inspires them the most, too.

  10. Justin got a Belieber in a box for his birthday.

    On his 18th birthday, Justin met an unsuspecting superfan who had traveled to the set of The Ellen Show in a very unusual way.

  11. A mother and daughter came together over the chance to meet Justin.

    Lisa and her 17-year-old daughter Brittany had drifted apart — until they bonded over their love for Bieber, who met them on The Rosie Show.

  12. Justin showed a teenage survivor of a house fire some serious love.

    Kilee had survived third-degree burns on 20% of her body, and Justin just had to let her know how proud he was of her.

  13. Two fans showed up to the TLC studios for a Bieber concert — and got their tickets from Justin himself.

    He pretended to stumble in on the “wrong room,” only to meet his biggest fans ever.

  14. Justin helped a struggling family cover their son’s medical expenses.

    Noah was born with Down syndrome and other health problems, so Justin pitched in (and rapped with him and his dad!).

  15. The IHeartRadio studios exploded with hearts when Justin swung by.

    High fives, hugs, and kisses were all exchanged at this special meet-up.

  16. Fans freaked when Justin casually skateboarded down the New York sidewalk.

    As you do.

  17. Justin showed up as a Lyft driver.

    You never know whose ride you’ll be sharing.

  18. A hotel lobby got a very special recital.

    Justin's a fan of Beethoven; who knew?

  19. Justin crashed a local cover band’s set at an Indiana bar.

    He just wanted to play the drums.

  20. Another Ellen fan got on the show for so much more than just a taping.

    Ellen and Justin are a team to be reckoned with when it comes to surprises.

  21. Justin gave a fan the quinceañera she’d been dreaming of.

    There’s no better way to turn 15.

  22. Justin gave fans free VIP tickets to his concert on The Ellen Show.

    Bieber Week ended on a super-positive note when these ecstatic fans got to meet their hero.