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Major Key Alert: Jay Z Is Now DJ Khaled’s Manager


DJ Khaled has added “another one” to his massive list of accomplishments: The producer and Snapchat guru is now managed by Jay Z and Roc Nation.

Khaled announced the new deal on Instagram on Monday, writing, “Meet my manager. His name is Jay Z. Jigga. Hov!!! Special cloth alert! The blessings coming in have been overwhelming. So much blessings I needed the right team to help me embrace it right. And when I say embrace I mean brand partnership. When two special cloth brands come together history gets made.

“I’d like to thank fan luv for walking with me thru the journey of more success,” the major key holder continued. “They don’t want us to win!!!! So what we gonna do is win more. When I say we, I’m talking fan luv! I’m talking my brother Lenny S! Always seen my vision!! I’m talking Chaka!! I’m talking JIGGA NATION!!!!! I’m up to something. I will never stop!!! I will not lose JIGGA VOICE!!! Ride with me thru the journey of more success. God is the greatest! Bless up.”

To celebrate the signing, Jay gifted Khaled a coveted Roc-A-Fella chain, which he claims is the last of its kind.

“I don’t have an original one,” Hov told Khaled. “I don’t own an original one, like at all, zero. This is my last one. This is my last. This is the one I put in the corner. This is mine. I don’t own another one. I don’t. I don’t own another one. This is my joint.”

Interestingly enough, Khaled recently signed a deal with Apple Music, which is in direct competition with Jay Z’s streaming company, Tidal. But the new business partners are clearly cool with any possible conflict, toasting to “more wins, more success, more blessings” on the way. Bless up.