Meet The Makeup Artist Who Uses Her Hijab To Morph Into Disney Princesses

'It all started with the Frozen hype,' Saraswati told MTV News.

Artist Saraswati specializes in bridal makeup, but her Instagram, @queenofluna, reveals another talent: makeup transformations. She perfectly morphs into characters her friends or followers -- over 200k followers, to be exact -- suggest to her.

"It all started with the Frozen hype, as my Facebook friends already know who I am," Saraswati, who lives in Malaysia, wrote to MTV News in an email. "They requested Elsa makeup."

More princesses followed, though Saraswati's interests range from Disney to The Lord of the Rings to comic book superheroes to galaxy-inspired makeup: "I love werewolves and everything related to the moon," she wrote. She also cited YouTube star and fellow makeup artist Promise Tamang as one of her biggest inspirations.

"I have never claimed to represent all the hijabis ... I am just staying true to myself and doing what I'm passionate about," Saraswati wrote. "At least it makes me happy. And I am really glad I could inspire some women, little girls, and teenage girls out there -- especially those who are afraid to wear [a] hijab in public. And [I'm] glad I could change some people's opinions about [the] hijab, who think that we are oppressed."

See Saraswati's Disney princess-inspired looks below.

To see more of Saraswati's designs, including looks inspired by Disney villains, Alice in Wonderland, the Batman franchise, and more, follow her on Instagram.