Was Pretending To Be Ellen DeGeneres This Week's Greatest Party Story Ever?

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A young lady asked herself that very question -- what would Ellen do? -- when she was mistaken for Ms. DeGeneres during a night on the town. But was her side-splitting tale the very best from tonight's episode of Greatest Party Story Ever?

Here's a recap of each hilarious adventure -- check them out, then tell us which was your favorite. And catch the GPSE on Thursday at 10:30/9:30c!

  • Sexy Scuba

    During a H.S. trip to Hawaii, this gal was thrilled to try scuba diving for the very first time -- but when she got caught in a current, she had only three thoughts: "I won't get to graduate, I'm going to die a virgin, and I haven't even had alcohol yet!" She managed to survive thanks to a little perseverance and a lotta CPR -- too bad it wasn't performed by her "smoking hot" instructor and instead came from a 60-year-old with man boobs.

  • The Ellen Degenerate

    A spunky blond played along when some guy in a club thought she was Ellen DeGeneres -- heck, she even did a few Ellen dances -- but jetted when he started grabbing her hair and grinding up against her. Dude, that's not cool -- and how did you mistake this girl for Ellen anyway? Sure, she may have been wearing a blazer and Chucks but, as she points out, she kinda looks more like Guy Fieri.

  • Escape from Prom

    When cops started arresting a slew of students for drinking at prom, our main man decided to make a run for it: He dashed down a stairwell, jumped out of a window and ran two miles -- all while a sweatsuit-clad gym teacher was in hot pursuit -- before reaching home. He was still breathing a sigh of relief the next day when he turned on the TV and saw a news report about the melee -- thank God that sketch looked nothing like him.

  • Family Flip Cup

    After Alexander got buzzed playing a game of family flip cup at his grandma's 90th bday party -- yes, really -- our drunken dude bolted from the bash in favor of a random Tinder hookup. He finally returned and took the ultimate walk of shame the next morning, walking in on his family having breakfast and getting a brutal scolding from Grandma. At least Dad understood, proudly giving his son a verbal high-five via a great big "YES!"

  • No Panties, No Problem

    It wasn't an issue when our protagonist had to surrender her underwear at a party -- house rules, apparently -- but her lack of panties later became a problem when she realized she was locked out of her house. The reason: She had to climb through a window as her cab driver watched. Plus he had to give her a boost. (Got the mental picture? Good). So how'd our damsel in distress reward the cooperative cabbie? With a $20 tip because, somehow, a hug just didn't seem like enough.

  • The Price Is Wrong

    When Alex was a freshman in college, he decided to go on The Price is Right to make some cold, hard cash. The only problem: He'd never even seen an entire episode -- but that didn't stop him from beating his overly competitive opponent (bye, Tanisha) and leaving with a sailboat that he eventually sold for a "ton" of money. Come on down!