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Brie Larson Compared Herself To Hilary Duff And Lindsay Lohan In This 2005 MTV Throwback Video

'Today, I would say music is, like, the coolest thing ever, but if I get a feature film tomorrow then acting would be the one.'

Long before she was an Academy Award winner, Brie Larson was a pop star in the making. She graced the glossy pages of Popstar! magazine, went on a Suburban mall tour, and played on Radio Disney in heavy rotation. One might say she lived a pretty charmed life for a 15 year old.

MTV was on the scene of Larson's debut music video for her fire first single "She Said" back in 2005 -- years before she dazzled critics in Short Term 12 and made us sob uncontrollably in Room. In honor of Larson's big Oscar win on Sunday night (February 28), we're throwing it back to where it all began: a greasy burger joint in Hollywood, where a teenage Larson, and her cherry red guitar, filmed her first music video.

"Today, I would say music is, like, the coolest thing ever, but if I get a feature film tomorrow then acting would be the one," the future Oscar winner told MTV. (It seems life has a funny way of working itself out.)

Larson had been acting since she was 7, with small parts in 13 Going On 30 and Sleepover, but a chance encounter in a music career altered the course of her career trajectory. "It was just kinda by chance," she said. "I went into this music store, and I saw this guitar. I thought it was just the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life."

She eventually caught the eye of music exec Tommy Mottola (a.k.a the man responsible for shepherding Mariah Carey's career) on the set of the WB's short-lived sitcom Raising Dad, where she recurred opposite Bob Saget. That's when her music career really took off -- and much like that fateful moment in the music store, it was love at first sight for Larson. The emerging multi-hyphenate even co-wrote eight of the 12 tracks on her debut album, Finally Out of P.E.

"It's scary coming out and being like, 'Hello, world. My name's Brie, and I write music,'" she said, shooting down comparisons to fellow 2005 bubblegum pop starlets Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff.

We wonder if that's any scarier than introducing yourself to the world as, "My name's Brie, and I'm an Oscar winner." We'll let Larson answer that one on her own time.