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Remain Calm, But This Sure Sounds Like A New Frank Ocean Snippet

We're gonna need a lot more where this came from.

Could we finally, after almost four years, be in store for a new Frank Ocean album? There was a sign with his appearance on Kanye West's "Wolves," and the latest is far more promising: an actual snippet of a song.

The clip surfaced online early Monday morning, and though there's essentially no info about it, it's now safe to let your imagination run wild. Is this the single? Is the channel orange follow up finished? Did he do this intentionally just to mess with us?

The snippet was originally on Soundcloud and far longer, but has since been taken down -- which is tragic is one sense, because we can't hear the whole thing, but encouraging in another, because it suggests that Frank's team has gone out of their way to have it removed, and that, thus, it was a real, actual, existing new Frank Ocean song.

This comes almost a year after last April's suggestion that he'd be releasing his album that July, but the summer (and many months since) came and went, with no sign of new music. Then, last month, Rich the Kid said he and reclusive Grammy winner had new music in the works.

We're ready when you are, Frank.