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Heidi Montag To Mom Darlene Egelhoff: 'You Ripped My Heart Out'

The former 'Hills' star and her mother are working on their relationship in the upcoming Lifetime series 'The Mother Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition.'

One of Heidi Montag's most iconic Hills moments featured Mrs. Spencer Pratt paying her mom Darlene Egelhoff a visit after having almost a dozen plastic surgery procedures (relive it below). And even though it's been nearly six years since the awkward Season 6 exchange, there is still quite a bit of tension between the two -- which they'll rehash on the upcoming Lifetime series The Mother Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition.

In a sneak peek from the reality series -- which premieres on Tuesday at 10/9c -- the erstwhile MTV star admits during a therapy session that she feels like her mother sold her out and spoke negatively about her child's cosmetic changes. When the show's psychologist Dr. Debbie Magids tries to dig deeper into the strained situation, a tearful exchange ensues.

"I was just desperate to communicate with her in any way, and I just thought that was the only way I could do it," Darlene admits in the video above, while sobbing. "I would do anything to be able to take that back."

While wiping her eyes, Heidi explains how this deep betrayal affected her.

"It honestly felt like you ripped my heart out of my soul when I needed you so badly," the emotional 29-year-old states, giving us a bit of déjà vu back to Lauren Conrad's birthday bash...

Do you think Heidi and her mother Darlene will be able to mend fences during this televised project? Share your thoughts in the comments, and catch Heidi and Darlene on The Mother Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition!